Orientation tour

We specialise in private guided tours but if you’re planning a self-drive holiday you can still benefit enormously from one of our orientation tours. An introduction to Cape Town, and the region, in the form of a one-day tour of the city and surrounds will give you a great overview. Think of it as a general orientation of Cape Town. You can also get advice on restaurants, information and tips on your other activities, best route advice. This is  basically guidance on any aspect of your holiday. Our clients always find this very useful.

Normally we do this partly by car and partly on foot. We focus on the city centre and the immediate surroundings. Various factors will influence the order in which we do things and where we go but we’ll probably take you up Signal Hill for the views. Also around the other side of Lion’s Head where the coastal properties are among the most expensive in Africa – that way, you’ll also get an overview of the famous Sea Point Promenade and the V&A Waterfront.

History and architecture

To explain the history of Cape Town, your guide will walk you through the vibrant city centre showing you historic sites, churches, and eclectic architecture. You’ll learn about the colonial history. Who were the slaves of the Cape? How and why did apartheid start? Why were there two different colonial masters? Answers to these questions will give you an in-depth understanding of the country and where it is today.

Coffee and lunch

A coffee stop at one of the many quirky coffee shops is mandatory. Of course your guide will also know exactly where to go for lunch – maybe a light salad in the Company’s Garden under shady trees, or tapas in Long Street, or a lobster burger in trendy Bree Street … the choices are endless.

Museum and vegetable garden

You can also visit a museum. District Six Museum recounts the history of how 60,000 people were forcibly removed under apartheid laws; look at the newly erected statue of Nelson Mandela on the balcony where he first addressed the world after his release from prison. A walk through the old vegetable garden planted by the first Dutch settlers, and now enjoyed as a public leisure park by locals.

By the end of this day, our clients are ready and confident about the rest of their trip.

Cecil John Rhodes. Private guided tour city centre

Possibly the most controversial and most unpopular colonial leader this country has ever known.

Cape Town city tour; best restaurants

We love food and we know where to take you for the best meals!

cape town city tour

Burger and Lobster – a decadent feast of lobster and other delectable yumminess!

Jan Smuts Orientation tour Cape Town

Ask your guide why this statue was not placed in the prominent position for which it was commissioned.

Orientation tour. Cape Town private guided tour.

Some of the wonderful and diverse architecture of the city centre.